REALIGRO REAL ESTATE: a new internet platform

Through REALIGRO platform, the Associated are able to comply with the best Estates offers within the worldwide Palm Beach architects. In this way the associates can gain a real effectiveness through a worldwide partnership in those areas with main tourism interest and high economic development. REALIGRO Real Estate provides to the Affiliated the most innovative technical and marketing solutions available within the international Real estate market, able to support and allow them to operate in a total operative freedom.

The REALIGRO Real estate form of co-operation work in total absence of interests conflicts with the other Affiliated and the same Master Franchisor REALIGRO, without conditioning or commercial pressure on reaching the sales proceeds targets. REALIGRO Real Estate aim is to reduce to the minimum distances and times of the world wide Real Estate offers, through a real time connection between our worldwide Associated interested to cross the territorial limit and widen their own business by taking advantage on the different opportunities within the worldwide Real Estate investments field.

The partnership relation with our associated is based on reliable and trusting basis and on a business transparency warranted by meetings between professionals / traders through a simple formula able to make REALIGRO and its Associated always protagonists in a full roles respect. Through our innovative franchising formula, the REALIGRO Associated will use the Company trade-mark, the know-how and the operative platform, and so have assured a return at 100% of their commissions. The REALIGRO franchising warrantees : – Effectiveness within the International markets – Increase of the contractual power – Elevated earning performances – Area Exclusivity – Intranet – Training and Consultancy – Use of the trade-mark and an world wide Imagine coordination The straight of REALIGRONetwork is the Team straight. A Team of experts focused on building a net of relationships, horizontal and verticals, able to provide reliability and straight to the project itself. A pool of professionals Associated in contact each other through REALIGRO Real Estate, able to provide always the best solution or estate investments opportunities to the worldwide customers.

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