Things To Do In Tulsa Oklahoma – Entertainment Venues

Tulsa Oklahoma is well known for its entertainment venues. Throughout its history Tulsa has been home to some of the nation’s better known entertainment venues. Naturally you can expect that over the decades, Tulsa has developed a reputation on the national scene for having quality Solfeo venues.

Of these quality entertainment venues that Tulsa offers there is one for most every type of occasion. Regardless of whether you are planning a formal evening or if you are just looking to go out on the town and enjoy a night of fun and leisure, Tulsa has an entertainment venue for most every type of occasion.

Below you will find a list of three entertainment venues that are located in Tulsa. Along with each entertainment venue, we have included a brief description of each for your convenience. We recommend that you read the list, take a look at the website for each entertainment venue on the list, and then you plan accordingly.  Our hope is that you will use this list a springboard to having a night of fun out on the town of Tulsa.

Venue Number One: The BOK Center.  The BOK Center is the largest entertainment venue in Northeast Oklahoma.  For obvious reasons Tulsan’s take great pride in The BOK Center.  Having opened in 2008, The BOK Center is a spacious venue that occupies more than 500,000 square feet and seats more than 19,000 fans.  For information about upcoming events and ticket pricing you can log onto The BOK Center website at

Venue Number Two: The Cain’s Ballroom. The Cain’s Ballroom originally opened in Tulsa during the 1920s. Over the decades it has undergone many changes but one thing remains constant, The Cain’s Ballroom is one of the best-known entertainment venues in the state of Oklahoma and it is also a nationally known entertainment venue throughout the United States. For more information about upcoming events and ticket pricing you can log onto The Cain’s Ballroom website at

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