Two Step Verification Process for Your Google Account

E-mail is the most popular mode of communication in recent years. It’s not because of the fact that it is fast. But it is also one of the cheapest modes of 먹튀사이트. You can communicate with your friends and relatives across the globe in no time. Not only text, you can attach videos, photos and digital documents, send them across in just flick of a second.

Gmail is one of the popular web mail applications. It has many users across the globe. There are many who use it to transfer important documents to their clients. Many use it for money transfer, bill payment, and other such applications. One can also own the benefit of using other Google applications like Google documents, photos, books, YouTube, Maps, and much more. While using such applications, it is necessary that your account must be secured. Account hacking has become an easy task with the latest development in technology. In this age, one must be really careful about the account security. If the hacker takes control of your Gmail account, he/she can easily get access to your other Google accounts.

Choosing an alpha-numeric password is a must to protect your account from hackers. It takes a quiet long time to crack an alpha-numeric password than a simple alphabetical password. When pop-ups arise and asks you to log-in with your e-mail account, don’t give your password.

To make your Google account more secured, it is better you choose Two Step Verification Process. It helps you have utmost control over your account and protects it from hackers. To activate this process, you need a valid cell phone number. This is how it works.

1. When you log-in to your Google account with the password, it immediately sends a unique six digit code to your cellular phone. You can customize to receive this code as a voice or text message.

3. If you are using a trusted computer like your personal laptop, you need not repeat this process every time you log-in. When you enter the code, below the code box, there is a statement “Remember this computer for 30 days”. Tick that box and you will be able to access your account from your laptop for the next 30 days without the verification code.

And another important thing which you have to note is that, once you activate this Two Step Verification process, you cannot log-in to other Google applications with your old password. You have to generate an application specific password to enjoy using other Google applications from your phone and computer.

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